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Switching to Mindful Thinking

Updated: Jul 29, 2021


Do you find it hard to control your negative thoughts? This comes from unbelief and doubt of who God has stated that you are. - To expose our minds contantly to ungodly thinking is a great danger.” Alistair Begg

So many times I struggled with bringing ungodly thoughts under subjection. I couldn't understand why this was happening to me as a believer. I knew the word and what God said about me but I couldn't stop my self from dwelling on these ungodly thoughts. Until one day it clicked, to walk in the flesh is to not walk in the spirit. Meaning, I was feeling myself up with so much of the world view, thoughts and thinking that it started manifesting in my life. I was filling up on what I knew to be true daily(the word&prayer). When you walk in the spirit, its hard for the enemy to feed you lies because you know the truth and don't waiver.

Take your thoughts seriously

Guarding your gates(ears, eyes, mind, heart ect..) are essential to a healthy mind. When we expose our mind to unhealthy things we risk opening doors to not just a unhealthy mind but also a unhealty heart. This is why the bibe tells us to guard our hearts in Proverbs 4:20-27. God gives us the tools to guard our hearts and minds. If we do not understand the greater risk we can lose the battle.

Be Intentionally

There are many different ways to be intentional with keeping your mind healthy. Be careful of different shows you watch on T.V. Be mindful of what you entertain spiritually, mentally and physically. Confess your ungodly thoughts to the father and let him be your comfort. Be intetntional and flee from things that will harm your mind. These are just a few ways but above all keep your heart and mind stayed on Jesus.

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